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Newport Beach, California
Goat Milk Shaving Soap With Brush
Scent: Alpine
4oz poured in assorted mugs
A warning - once you try a real soap to shave with, you'll never use
a commercial shaving cream again!
Pamper your sensitive skin with nutritious goat milk soap that
lasts 3 times longer than commercial shaving cream.  Shaving soap
has added cosmetic clay. The clay helps give the soap extra "slip"
and also works to purify your skin. (Think of a clay or mud mask.)
Hand Knit Soap Bags
Women in Europe and the
Mediterranean have used hand woven
bags similar to these since the
creation of soap.  Takes the place
of a wash cloth with excellent
exfoliation to improve circulation.  
Also very handy for all the small
pieces of soap that no one knows
what to do with.  Comes with a small
bar of Goat Milk soap.
Price $5.00
Oatmeal & Honey Bath Milk
Scent:  Honey Almond
Sooths and Softens Dry Skin Milk baths were
made legendary by Cleopatra. The milk and its
derivates contain lactic acid, which helps to
exfoliate your skin. So when you came out of the
tub your skin will be literally baby soft.  
Assorted Baskets
We have a huge variety of baskets that we can make
to order.  You pick what you want in them or choose
one of our many themed baskets including our WV
Series or Mountaineer Baskets and we will ship them
anywhere in the US.
To Order a Basket Email Your Request.
Dead Sea Bath Salts
Scent:  Eucalyptus Mint
Dead Sea salts with other mineral salts.  Cleopatra - the queen of
ancient beauty was legendary for her magically youthful looks
throughout her whole life, even as she got older. The real secret to the
beauty of her silky skin was the anti aging effect of bath salts, mud and
cosmetics made with Dead Sea salt.  These salts a
re also great for tired,
aching muscles
Goat Milk Lotion
1oz, 4oz, 8oz bottles
Scent:  Honey Almond & Blueberry
Goat's milk is gentler to the skin. The milk delivers calcium, making
your skin smoother and healthier. Goat's milk contains caprylic
acid-reducing the alkalinity of your skin, giving it a ph much closer to
it's own natural ph.  It's vitamin rich, containing vitamin A, and
several B vitamins. Goat Milk Lotion is a little thinner than your
average lotion.  It is not oily and is absorbed into your skin quickly.
Tea Tree Salve  
1oz Tin
Tea tree oil kills fungus and bacteria, including those
resistant to some antibiotics. Tea tree oil is used topically
as an antiseptic and anti-infective for bacterial infections,
acne, and fungal infections such as athlete's foot. It is also
used in connection with insect bites, sunburn, and other
minor skin irritation.
Price $4.00
Laurel Fork Farm's Lip Saver        
0.5oz Tin
If you’re looking for something natural to keep your lips
smooth and soft this product is for you. It combines tea
tree oil and Vitamin E together to make an all natural
product. It protects your lips from the sun, wind and
harsh elements that can destroy.  Love your lips with our
unique all natural lip balm.
Price $2.00
Grandpa Grover's Salve
Compare to Grandpa Gilmans Salve
1oz Tin
Soothe dry chapped skin. Help prevent
cracked hands and cuticles by moisturizing
with this wonderful all natural salve.
Price $4.00
Stores that do not have a web site.
Lambert's Store, Middle Mountain, WV
Canaan Trading Co LLC, Canaan Valley, WV
Plants Etc, Lewisburg, WV
Middle Mountian Archery
We have tons of different
soap molds, one for every
occasion!  Check out our
Goat Milk Soap page to
see our huge selection.  
We can do
party favors for
baby showers, weddings,
birthday parties, etc.  We
guest soaps
available for bed &
breakfasts, cabins, rental
houses, etc.  We have
fund raising packages,
call for more info.  You
can find a
unique gift for
that "hard to buy for"
person in your life!  
Goat Milk Lotions,Love Your Lips Lip Balms,  and All
Natural Salves
Bath Milk, Bath Salts,  
and All Natural Foot Soak
Circulation Foot Soak
I took a real interest in this formulation because of the number of people asking about foot soaks that
could aid diabetics with circulation in their feet.  My father happens to be a diabetic and his doctor
recommended that he soak his feet daily to improve circulation, so this really hit home with me.  I have
made a formula using dead sea salts, mineral salts, baking soda, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cayenne
Pepper, and Mustard.
So far I have had nothing but good reviews about it.  This formula will help improve circulation as well
as act as an antiseptic that will help keep bacteria, viruses, and fungus away.  Aids in healing of sores on
the feet, and leaves your feet feeling refreshed.
Coming Soon.....
Shampoo, Teeth Soap, New Salves, New Foot Soak,
New Bath Milk
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Valley View Amish Bulk Food Store
Oakland MD
Now Available!
Aunt Barbara's Salve

This is a salve handed down in Kendall's family for six
generations now!
1oz. Tin
This salve is said to be a good drawing salve used on boils, cuts
or any inflamed skin or sores on skin.  It is said to draw out the
soreness and infection.

Ingredients:  English Rosin, Beeswax, Mutton Tallow, Linseed
Oil, and Camphor Gum.
Price $7.50
Shaving Soap and Soap Accessories
A bit about Aunt Barbara
1839 - 1914
School Teacher, doctor, and second wife of Rev. Asa Harman, Sr.
 Besides rearing her own and her sister's children, she rendered
invaluable service to the Harman Community, where she served
as doctor and midwife to the most of the Dryfork Valley,
especially to the poorer ones who couldn't afford to pay.  There
was only one licensed doctor in the area at that time and he
could not attend to half the needs of the people.  Her knowledge
of the use of herbs and other home remedies was considerable
and she probably saved the lives of countless children, to say
nothing of adults.  She is still fondly remembered in these parts.