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AKC Norwegian Elkhounds
The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the ancient Northern Spitz-type breed of dog and is the
National Dog of Norway. The Elkhound has served as a hunter, guardian, herder, and defender.
In a land of subzero temperatures, deep snow, thick forests, and rugged mountains, only the
hardiest of the breeds could evolve to perform the variety of jobs at which the Elkhound excels.
Its Spitz courage is probably a by-product or residue of the fact that a significant number of them
were used to hunt bear and other large game, like moose. The Norwegian Elkhound was first
presented at a dog exhibition in Norway in 1877.

The AKC breed name "Norwegian Elkhound" is a direct translation from its original Norwegian
name "Norsk Elghund," meaning "Norwegian moose dog." (European settlers mistakenly called
the North American cousin of the red deer an elk, when in fact in the Norwegian language the
term elk or elg means moose.) Despite its name in America, it is not a hound dog; the Elkhound
does not hunt like a hound dog nor is it directly related to hounds. The breed's goal in the hunt is
to hold the moose at bay — jumping in and out toward the moose — until the hunter can arrive to
shoot it. Another way of hunting with the dog is to let one of the hunters follow the dog, then chase
the moose towards a row of hunters, so they can shoot it.

Adult Norwegian Elkhound displaying characteristic friendly expression.Norwegian Elkhounds are
bred for hunting large game, such as wolf, bear and moose. Although the breed is strong and hardy,
the dogs typically have an inseparable bond with their masters and are quite loyal. All Elkhounds
have a sharp loud bark which makes them suitable as guard-dogs.

Norwegian Elkhounds are loyal to their "pack" and make excellent family dogs if given proper
attention. It is bold, playful, independent, alert, extremely intelligent, and, at times, a bit boisterous.
This is a dog ready for adventure and is happiest if that adventure takes place outdoors in cold
weather. It needs daily exercise, lest it become frustrated or even destructive. It is an exceptionally
friendly breed. If untrained, it tends to pull when on leash. This dog needs attention for it to
understand its place within the family (or the pack), else it may develop social problems and feel
neglected. This is a very proud and noble breed that can easily have its feelings hurt if its owner
deserts his or her allegiance or duty. An inevitable bond will develop between the dog's family,
master, or pack, and if there is disloyalty, the dog will definitely feel it and be hurt. Although each dog
is an individual, they generally are very gentle and get along great with children. They are happiest
when they feel that they are part of the family. This, combined with their loud bark, makes them a
good watchdog.

Norwegian Elkhounds can be challenging to train because of their intelligence and deep
independent streak, but they are good obedience dogs, good-natured, and very understanble in
their learning and training. For example, if they fail to "come" because there is something of greater
interest in the other direction, they can be quick to learn the importance of the command if taught
correctly. They can be wonderful in agility and are particularly good tracking dogs.
If you have questions or would like to
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please go to the bottom of this page
and send us an email with your
information on it.

Our dogs are AKC registered and puppies
come with AKC registration papers.
As you can see on this page,  our puppies are very well socialized.  We now have two males, Remington
and Bear and three  females, Wolfie, Jenna, and Onyx that we allow to have one litter of puppies per year
depending on our puppy waiting list.  We live on a farm so these dogs and their puppies are not kept in
kennels.  They have free run of the farm.  We have chickens, goats, horses, cows, cats etc..

Our three children Collin, age 13, Kendra, age 8, and Josie, age 4 months constantly play with the puppies
and they have a blast.  When there are no puppies to keep them occupied they play with Wolfie, Remy,
Jenna, Bear and Onyx.  

Our puppies are used as therapy dogs for Canines For Christ until they find homes.

We like to stay in touch with our Elky families to help with any problems that may arise, we also enjoy any
and all pictures of our puppies as they grow up and become a member their new family.

These dogs are wonderful with children.  Kendra was playing dentist with Remy one day and gave his teeth
a full examination and he didn't move a muscle.  He loved every minute of the attention.  When Kendra was
little she used try to ride Wolfie!  They have never snapped or bitten anyone.

They are fierce hunters.  Wolfie, Remy, and Jenna have treed about 15 raccoons this year and killed 3 on
the ground.  They protect my goats by barking at anything strange that comes within a mile of our home.  
We don't have to worry about Coyotes or other predators with our Elkies around.  They help herd the cattle
and are very smart and quick learners.  They are loving and kind to their human family and protect the farm
with all their hearts.  I wouldn't trade my Elkhounds for any other breed.
Norwegian Elkhound appearance

Build: medium, sturdy and squarely built
Weight: 45-60 pounds (18-27 kg.)
Height: 18-21 inches (46-53 cm.)
Coat: Coarse, straight, with soft undercoat
Color: Black and white coloring, often noted as
grey or silver
Head: Broad and wedge-shaped with a defined
Teeth: Scissors bite
Eyes: Dark brown with a keen, friendly
Ears: Pointed, erect
Tail: Rolled tightly over back
Limbs: Straight and parallel
Life span: 12-16 years
Puppies in their new homes
This is Bear, owned by Linda Dyer in WV.
Elly, the goat, was not feeling well and was
pinned in a stall in the barn.  
Remington,  and
Scootin (bottle fed cat), decided she needed
some company.  Remington stayed with her
nearly every night.  We certainly have amazing
dogs! (and cats)
This is Sangria.   Owned by Steve and
Tammy Drewry in VA.
I am sorry it has taken so long to get you pictures.  Here is our baby girl. We also have a picture of
Sangria and Skittles. They play together and they do not like to be separated from each other. She is
beautiful and she is so loving. She is what I needed to complete our family. Thank you so much for this
wonderful gift you shared with us.  I hope you and your family are good.

You can tell everyone with your next litter that I highly recommend them getting a puppy from your family.

Love Tammy Drewry Owner of Sangria
This is Agapay, she lives with
Kory Labbe in Alaska.  
Agapay is a great companion, loving, sweet, and full of personality.  She is a
great addition to my small family (just me and her).  We made the trek to
Alaska a few weeks ago, and she loved the whole trip.  Thank you for such
a wonderful dog!

Kory Labbe Owner of Agapay
Canines For Christ is a ministry that was formed for
youth to learn how to handle and help train therapy
dogs and use them in nursing homes, hospitals, and
where ever the Lord sends us to share the love of
Canines 4 Christ
Onyx as a puppy
Canines For Christ Therapy Dog
Wolfie and Remy
Playing House
Qannik, lives with the Rick family
in Northern Ohio.
This is Scout, who now lives with the
Rosche family in Maryland.
This is Oslo, he now lives in North Carolina with Storie family.
This is Alexie, she lives with
Barbarea & Art Labbe in CT
This is Destiny (Aleu) at her
home in NY.
This is Broddi who lives
with Krystal in
Morgantown, WV
This is Elliot at his home in
Idaho with the Lind family.
Norwegian Elkhounds are natural hunters.  In the
above pictures
Remington, Wolfie, and Sam put
a squirrel up this big tree all on there own.  They
have treed coon and bear as well.  They are
wonderful livestock protectors!
Wolfie, Remington, and Samson
Wolfie, Remington, and Samson
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Laurel Fork Farm
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The Mullen Family sent this pic of their
puppy who is now in Md.
Valkyrie in her home in WA wtih the
Goode family.
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Laurel Fork Farm's Puppy Waiting List
Our females only have one litter per year, if that, so it is important to get on the
waiting list as soon as you can.  There is no obligation to buy one of our puppies
when you are on the waiting list.  When we get puppies we start calling the people on
our waiting list.  We only let our puppies go to great homes.  We work with families as
much as we can to ensure that the new puppy adjusts well in his/her new home.
If you would like to be added to our puppy waiting list please fill out your information
below and let us know what kind of puppy you are looking for.  We do not take
deposits until we have a puppy for you.  Feel free to call or write to us with any
questions that you may have.
All the pictures on this page are actual pictures of our puppies and are not to be
copied or reproduced in any way without our permission.
We raise our puppies the way we raise our children, free range with lots of love.  We don't even really like
to be called breeders because that's not what we're about.  We are definitely not a puppy mill and when
you visit our farm you will know that right away.  We do everything as natural as possible.  If your looking
for blue ribbons and lines of perfect kennels your looking in the wrong place.  If your looking for a
wonderful family pet that has been raised naturally with mom and dad, free range, on a farm with all kinds
of other animals and children then you have found the right place.  We do what we do for the love of the
Kovu and Jimmy at a horse show.
Kovu lives with the Mendoza family in MD
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A lot of these pictures are action shots of our dogs so
their tails are wagging and not in their natural curl,
you can tell by the slight blur in the picture. If you look
at the pictures of their pups below, you will notice they
have very tightly curled tails.   :)
40% of the of the proceeds from our Norwegian
Elkhound Face soap will be donated to the John
Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund.
Colt lives with the Brown
family in NC