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We are a family owned and operated farm that uses the most natural ways possible to raise our
animals.  We do not use growth hormones and our animals are free range which means that they
graze most of the time so they are not fed a lot of store bought grain.  

We make some of the best goat milk soap in WV.   Our Laurel Fork Farm (LFF) secret goat milk
soap recipe is doctor recommended and 100% handmade, cold processed, promoting a high
standard of quality for each bar of soap we make.  We now have a family practice of doctors that sell
our products out of the office as a service for patients. (LFF) secret recipe is made with fresh goat
milk (no water, no powdered milk), food grade oils, and sodium hydroxide. We only use essential
and fragrance oils that meet our high standards for quality. We also make some glycerin soaps, and
some artistic varieties for special occasions and party favors.  

Here at Laurel Fork Farm, we strive to make natural handmade soap and skin care products that are
gentle and help moisturize skin using the purest, God given ingredients. When we formulate our
handmade soap and other products, we select the best ingredients for your natural skin care and do
not use colors, preservatives, fillers or water. In addition to our goat milk soap, we also make lotions,
lip balms, salves, bath milk, bath salts, and lots of other products.

Our soap contains no artificial preservatives or colors, unless color is requested for decorative
purposes. Some people with problem skin, eczema (atopic dermatitis), acne and other sensitive
skin care concerns find they can use our scented skin care products with great results because
everything we have is lightly scented.   I have allergies myself and will not make soap that is so over
whelming that it will set off my allergies.  For our friends with especially sensitive skin, or hard to
control atopic dermatitis we also offer a line of unscented products.

We use and test our handmade soap and moisturizing products by using them ourselves on a daily
basis. We do not test on animals.  We are proud of what we sell and are so confident that you will
like our handmade goat milk soap that we offer you a money-back guarantee on our products.  
Unless we have something on hand, all items are made fresh when you order.  The soap can take as
much as two to three weeks to cure before shipping.  Our items do not contain the "store bought"
kind of preservatives and are meant to be used when you get them.

More than goats.
  • Home of Norwegian Elkhounds
  • Animal training services available
  • Silver Fox Rabbits
  • Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

Welcome To
Laurel Fork Farm
Located in the Beautiful Mountains of
West Virginia
Welcome To
Laurel Fork Farm
Located in the Beautiful Mountains of
West Virginia
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